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Welcome to the Tame Your Dragon Anger Management website. This website reflects the highly regarded courses which has run for a great many years and seeing over 2200 people go through the program to date.

Anger, although normal and experienced by everyone, can often seem like a complex emotion containing a number of parts. How you are able to regulate some of those parts will make all the difference between living a rich and meaningful life or breathing a flame where you will experience heartache, relationship and family breakdown, prison and possibly even death.

Tame Your Dragon Anger Management Program

Within this website you will find the highly regarded Tame Your Dragon anger management program. This is a program to consider if your anger is expressed at work, on the road, in the pub, with extended family members such as auntie's, uncles, brothers, sisters and the general community.
This program is open to both men and women.
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Men's Behaviour Change: A Family Violence Based Program

This is a program to consider if different types of abuse and violence is expressed or alleged to have been expressed specifically towards your partner, ex-partner and children.
This program is open to men only.
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Difference between Anger Management and Men's Behaviour Change Program's

The above two programs are significantly different in content and length.

"Anger Management" is about learning to regulate unhealthy expressions of anger anywhere in life before it leads to personal and legal consequences. Anger as an emotion is explored in greater detail with your newly learned strategies applied to your personal situation.

"Men's Behaviour Change" (MBC) focuses exclusively on abusive behaviours expressed towards your current or ex-partner as well as children.

While the emotions of anger can be expressed in the family context as well as outside of the family, the difference between the two programs and the choices you need to make in choosing one program over the other is based on the charges and allegations made against you.

Put simply if there are charges made against you regarding your partner, ex-partner and children then it is the MBC program you need to do and which may offer the most benefit. In fact, a MBC program is highly likely to be recommended by the Court in "family violence" cases.

If your anger is expressed outside of the partner and children "family" context, then it is the anger management program you need to do.

Indeed, both programs can be completed to gain the most benefit.

MenTOR: Men Taking on Responsibility

MenTOR is an advanced ongoing program for you to consider if you would like to continue your journey after you have completed either of the two above programs or if you have completed at least ten counselling sessions with a relationship and / or conflict focus.
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Additional Information

Within this website you will find tip sheets, fact sheets, articles, products to guide and help you get a better handle on taming that fiery dragon if it emerges in other areas of your life.

What is needed to succeed on your journey is a clear map and committed action on your part.

We are committed to helping you on your journey. We can provide you with a guide and equip you with the tools and strategies you need to better handle the challenges, frustrations, slings and arrows, which you may face. Change is only possible however if YOU take the first step.

Look around this site take the first step and begin your Journey NOW.


The secret of getting ahead is getting started.
Mark Twain