Anger Management

Anger Management CourseAnger often carries a negative meaning and as such gets a bad rap for being something you need to get rid of. The fact of the matter is anger is a feeling/emotion. Feeling angry is not the problem; it’s what you do with it that makes all the difference. Sometimes we have difficulty in expressing how we really feel about things, then decide to act in a way that gets us into further trouble with our family, friends and at times with the law.

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Our Anger Management Program will show you how to:

STOP destructive and offending behaviour to others and yourself

BE AWARE of what is happening much earlier and understand you have a range of strategies to use.

CHOOSE which strategies are best for the situation and how to apply them.

This is an educational program which is designed around evidence-based strategies and methods. This means that it will provide you with new, scientifically validated and powerful tools which have been proven to work in many situations consistently over time in order to manage your anger.

This Anger Management program will help you to:

  • Understand where anger actually comes from
  • Discover your own triggers of anger
  • Identify the costs of anger on yourself and others
  • Learn what is the single most significant component to managing your anger
  • Learn how alcohol, other drugs and mental ill health can contribute to anger outbursts and what you can do about it
  • Learn a NEW and proven approach to increase your self-awareness and confidence
  • Learn strategies to help reduce stress and incidence of health issues such as headache, stroke, heart attack, high blood pressure
  • Lean what behaviours can be expressed without being labelled as abusive or violent.
  • Use biofeedback (GSR), to identify what strategies actually do work for you.
  • Learn 5 of the best strategies in communication you can use with work colleagues, family and friends
  • Reduce relapse of “unhealthy” expressions of anger by having a clear plan of action.

Who this group is for

  • Individuals referred by Department of Justice and Regulation. Corrections Victoria, Courts.
  • Individuals referred by solicitors to fulfil an agreement / undertaking as part of a relationship and / or parenting matter.
  • Work employees who want to get a better handle on work related stresses and conflict
  • Any man or women who feel they don’t have an anger problem but would like to learn evidence-based strategies and method to express anger in more productive ways.

What you will receive:

  • A seven page outline on the best “Tips to Help Understand and Manage Anger” at least one week before the program commences.
  • A very practical, useful and potentially life changing anger management program.
  • Morning and afternoon tea. A variety of coffees and teas provided throughout the day.
  • Professionally catered lunch.
  • Tame Your DragonTM manual
  • Certificate of Completion (professionally printed) which you will receive on the day having completed the core modules
  • Three week follow-up. Additional worksheets and tip sheets will be sent to you weekly for three weeks to continue, reinforce and support your journey. No reply needed.
  • Your choice to contact facilitators for six months immediately following program completion to discuss methods and strategies.
  • This program is a pre-requisite to joining MenTOR. See MenTOR under courses tab. A great way to continue your journey.

Program Dates: 2020 program

Times:             10am to 5pm
Investment:    $249

Course Dates for 2020

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 Saturday 14 March
 Saturday 25 April

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Venue: West Sunshine
Additional information including venue address and pre group reading will be forwarded to you upon receiving your registration and fee.
Plenty of free parking available on site.

Your investment needs to be paid and registration received before or by the Deadline Date above to confirm enrolment in the program.
Please ensure your registration form clearly specifies which program you would like to attend. See Course Dates above.
If payment is deposited with your name but without other contact details, you will automatically be put into the next available program. Same conditions apply as with other registered participants.
This is not a family violence based program. Call 0450 30 25 26 if you are interested in doing one.

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NOTE: No “pay on the day” or after the program. We have to finalise total group numbers for the venue and confirm numbers for catering. Certificates and manuals also need to be printed.

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