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Please enrol me in the 40 Hour, 20 weeks at 2 hour per week Men’s Behaviour Change Program.


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Registration Process and Conditions:

  • I see from the website that there are still vacancies for this program. Please check if you are not sure.
  • I agree that I will attend all 10 sessions to receive my certificate. I understand that if I miss two or more sessions, irrespective of reason, only a letter or attendance will be given at the conclusion of the program.
  • No progress or summary reports are given at any time. Attendance letters only may be given.
  • If I withdraw from the program due to change of mind or for any and all circumstances after the deadline date I will not attract a refund. Registering for another course at a later date will incur the usual fee.
  • I am aware of the Deadline Date for this program indicated on the webpage
  • Withdrawing from the program when fees have been paid before deadline date will attract a refund minus $50 administration charge.
  • I agree to comply with other group rules and code of conduct (e.g. mobile phones, start and finish times etc) as discussed.
  • I note that this course will not run during public holidays and will be extended to cater for this.

By typing my name in the space below and submitting this form, I am confirming that I have read and understood the above mentioned conditions.

I, have read and agree to comply with the above-mentioned Registration Process and Conditions.

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