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Is this course Court approved?
We receive referrals from a number of different sources some of which include the courts, solicitors, employers, family members.

Is this course for both men and women?
Yes, this course is for both men and women. Additionally, couples and partnerships may attend this program if the issues they have are with other people rather than themselves. Couples and separated parties who are in conflict with each other could not attend this program together. They would need to attend separate programs.

Will I get a certificate?
At the end of the program, participants who fulfil all requirements of the program will receive a pack containing a certificate of attendance, a copy of the certificate for the participant to hand to their referrer and the facilitator’s qualification and experience outline.

Who usually attends this program?
People referred by the courts, solicitors, employers and family members. Individuals who also feel that they can benefit from doing this program also attend. The program is for both men and women.

What is this program going to do for me that a 10 week program cant?
Technically, no program can do anything for you. It’s very much what you put into it and your willingness to practice strategies and methods taught after the group finishes that makes all the difference. You can even attend a six-month program, but fail to practice the concepts and methods taught and consequently there would be no long-term change.

Do I need to bring anything to the program?
No. You just need to bring yourself and a willingness to learn all you can and have some fun in the process. Morning and afternoon tea is included. Lunch is also included at the Braybrook venue. If the program is run in a CBD venue, there are many delightful cafes for a range of tastes to choose from

Do I need to sit a test?
No, there is no test. It is important however that all participants contribute to discussions and participate in some of the exercises.

When I complete Tame Your Dragon anger management is there something else I can do or a “next level” to follow up?
There are other workshops on this website which will complement the TYD anger management program. Some people also find it useful to follow-up on individual sessions. Others choose to do the program again as they often become more familiar with the concepts and strategies the second time around.

Will I be cured of my anger after this course?
Anger as an emotion is a normal and natural feeling. It generally comes about when you feel threatened in a number of different ways. How you judge people, situations and the world around you also influences the extent of your anger.  You will feel angry at various times and what this program will do is to show you how to regulate it to a level where you can choose more effective ways of expressing it.

Can I pay on the day?
No. There are a number of activities we need to perform to fulfil your registration. General administrative functions, catering needs to be organised, manuals and certificates need to be printed. Expenses for these need to be committed before the program starts. Registration forms need to be submitted and your investments paid by the due date to confirm your place in the course.

Can I do the program twice?
Yes you can attend the program twice and also benefit from the discounted rate.

I’m not good at reading and writing, will this be a problem?
There is no problem. You will still be provided with your manual. Much of the educational component of this program is done via discussions, small group exercises video and on a whiteboard.

Can I bring an interpreter?
Yes you can bring a professional and registered interpreter (no family or friends). Due to limited places within the program, your interpreter or you would also need to accommodate their fee for the program. Your interpreter would also need to meet with the requirements and general group rules of the program regarding mobile phones, arrival and departure times etc.

Is there a minimum age limit for the course?
Individuals 18 years of age and above. Participants who have attended our program in the past have ranged from 18 years of age to 75 years of age.

Do you run groups for organisations and company’s?
Yes. Please use the enquiry form to forward any specific questions to us.

What happens if I can’t get to the group on the day?
This does happen from time to time due to sickness, transport issues or simply forgetting. However, there is no refund. There are limited places and one was kept for you at the exclusion of someone else. Catering also needed to be organised in addition to your manual and certificate needing to be printed. To enrol in the next program you would be charged the discounted rate. However, please note that if you also did not attend the second program once arrangements had been made and chose to register for a third time, you will be charged the full fee.

I’ve paid my registration fee but need to pull out. Will I get a refund?
Yes, you will get your registration fee back minus a $50 administration charge if you notify us before the deadline for registrations for that particular program. Notifying us after the deadline for registration will not attract any refund as expenses have been committed by Sanctum.

Can couples attend?
Yes couples can attend. However, separated parties who are in conflict with each other could not attend this program together. They would need to attend separate programs.

I live interstate or overseas can I attend?
Yes you can. Please read our Refund and Cancellation Policy in Course Terms & Conditions (PDF)