• I learn't how to control myself when feeling angry. Maybe some more visual aids. Overall a great experience and very helpful. Joshua Morgan
  • The part of the program I enjoyed the most was the mindfulness meditation. I really enjoyed learning from Kurtz. He is upfront, honest and a competent facilitator. Dylan Elliott.
  • The group experience was really enjoyable and comfortable. D.G
  • I found the program to be very beneficial. I have a greater understanding and knowledge of how and what anger is  and the effect it has on others. I found Kurtz to be very friendly, assertive, practical and down to earth person. Francine White.
  • Very good. Everything was useful and beneficial. R.M
  • Kurtz is an informative and engaging teacher. Convincing and gave me hope in appreciating angry situations more usefully.  Ana.
  • What was most useful was the way I was shown to control my feelings and anger. J.W
  • The parts of the program I enjoyed most were techniques on how to calm down. Michael H.
  • How to manage anger with different techniques. The facilitator was also helpful and respectful towards everybody. D.O
  • Well presented and communicated. S.D
  • I enjoyed the part that thoughts affect feelings and feelings affect actions.  Kurtz was great and had lots of knowledge on anger management.  Jeremy Arias. 
  • The facilitator and his program was extremely professional. D.W
  • Learning techniques to calm down and change my thinking. I enjoyed the real life example role plays. Kurtz was good, stayed calm and helped me understand the parts of my anger I did not understand. Chris
  • I’ve been to many programs, Kurtz knows what he’s talking about. A.C
  • Awesome, looking forward to putting it into practice at work. W.U
  • Excellent program. This course should be taught in schools. S.K
  • What I enjoyed most was learning new ways to control my anger. I also enjoyed the food. J.Y
  • The program was great. Everything was explained to the point. J.D.
  • I enjoyed learning where anger comes from. Thank you very much for providing this program. S.S
  • I enjoyed all of it. Even when I played the door-to-door salesmen. The program is very well run. Kurtz was very informative and helpful. I was totally engaged in the session all day and would highly recommend the course to others. Ron Thomas.
  • The program has helped me change the way I look at things. D.A.
  • Excellent facilitation to a wide range of group participants. Well-paced and structured. Some great techniques to use in going forward in life.  J.B.
  • The part of the program I enjoyed most was how to cool down the temper. The teacher has lots of knowledge and taught very well. He explained everything. I feel better after this course. Manjit Singh.
  • This program helped me to have a deeper understanding of anger and how my anger affects others.  Junbo Wang.
  • I enjoyed almost everything in the program. The facilitator was very down-to-earth.  J.M.
  • What I enjoyed most was the diagrams and visual representations of the mechanics behind anger. It furthered my understanding of anger and how it can be managed. For impact and attention, perhaps the inclusion of a slideshow can help. Fantastic facilitator, excellent catering and overall enjoyable experience. A.F.

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