Men's Behaviour Change Program

"Men and Response-Ability Matters"

Accredited FacilitatorsOur Men's Behaviour Change Program is a 20 week 40 Hour face to face (Zoom) Family Violence Behaviour Change program for men who express a variety of abusive behaviours towards their partners and children. Men are encouraged and challenged to think about the choices they make for their own behavior and the impact it has on the lives of women and children.
As part of the program requirements, we will also need to make contact with your partner or ex-partner. This will in no way breach any intervention order you may have. The reason we attempt to contact your partner or ex-partner is to offer support by recommending services if needed or requested. Please note. This is a requirement of ALL Men's Behaviour Change programs.
Please call to see if places are available or look below "Vacancies for this program YES or NO?".
Please Note: Simply paying the course fee does not automatically guarantee you a place.
An intake assessment will also be required.

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 Starting 18 July. SORRY PROGRAM FULL.

Our Men's Behaviour Change Program will help you:

  • Identify and learn that some of your behavior may in fact be abusive and is never justified.
  • Be responsible and accountable for your contribution to family abuse and the consequences it has on your partner or ex-partner and children.
  • Learn how you can be the best partner, ex-partner, father and man, you can be.
  • Healthy relationships require a little consistent effort. Learn how.

Topics and areas to reflect on may include:

  • Family of influence and attachment patterns: how early childhood experiences contribute to your adult hood and relationships.
  • Belief systems and attitudes: what really gets in the way of healthy relationships and parenting?
  • Abusive power and control in relationships: violence and abuse comes in many forms.
  • Effects of violence on women and children: your contribution of abuse and violence on the people you love.
  • Emotional regulation: how do you regulate yourself and not rev out of control?
  • Identifying and expressing emotions: the healthy way
  • How to empathise with people you love: for understanding and connection
  • Healthy relationships: what do healthy relationships really look like
  • Problem solving: Respectful arguing and negotiating are key
  • Communication and assertiveness strategies rather than withdrawal, avoidance or aggressive strategies.

Attending this Men's Behaviour Change group offers no guarantee that your relationship will remain intact or will lead to reconciliation. This group is not about saving relationships, it’s about you being the best man you can be and to do your part to ensure that women and children in your life are safe and respected.

Who this group is for:

Any man who has been charged with or faces allegations of abusive and violent behaviours towards their partners, ex partners and children.

  • Men referred by the Department of Justice and Regulation, Corrections Victoria, Courts.
  • Men referred by solicitors to fulfill an agreement / undertaking as part of a relationship and / or parenting matter.
  • Any men who believe they have been abusive and violent with their current or ex partner and children and would like to learn evidence-based strategies and method to express anger in more productive ways.

What you will receive:

  • A seven-page outline on the best “Tips to Help Understand and Manage Anger” at least one week before the program commences.
  • A very practical, useful and potentially family changing Behaviour Change Program.
  • A folder to keep all your useful handouts, tips and strategies to use as future reference.
  • Certificate of attendance (professionally printed) which you will receive after completing all core modules and requirements of the program.
  • Follow-up. Additional worksheets and tip sheets will be sent to you weekly for three weeks after the program concludes. No reply needed.
  • Option to telephone or email the facilitators for a period of six months immediately following program completion to discuss and review any methods and strategies.

Men’s Behaviour Change Program starts: 18 July 2022    Program Full             

Vacancies? – SORRY Program Full  


How long: 20 weeks. 40 hour face to face program. ZOOM

Follow up with additional material and the option of phone / email access with facilitators for six months immediately following the program.

Time:  6.00pm to 8.00pm (2 hours per session)

Program Dates:

Mondays     6pm  to 8pm   2022      (40 Hours face to face total)  This will run every Monday night.                      





Your deadline to register and pay for this course is:     Program filling fast 
Please be aware that the group will fill before this time. Confirmation can only be via your registration form AND your investment.
14 people required to run this course.

                                                                                                  First in first serve

Only two sessions can be missed for medical reasons. Medical certificate needed.
Two sessions may be missed for medical reasons with a medical certificate. If you miss more than two sessions, only a “Letter of Attendance” reflecting the number of sessions attended will be issued to you after the program. Absences for any other reasons, including work commitments, will not be accepted.

NEEDED: Stable internet connection. Not being able to login on the day will count as an absence. Laptop or computer only. No mobile phones.

We start promptly at 6 PM. 

Sunshine Victoria.  Currently online via Zoom.
Additional information and pre group reading will be forwarded to you upon receiving your registration, fee and completing assessment.

$880. Full payment needed before we can confirm your place in the group. An assessment is included in this fee.
Two split payments prior to the group starting is possible. Please contact us to arrange this.
Sorry no concession, and no pay as you go through the full program.

Certificate of Completion will be provided upon successful conclusion of the program.
If you miss three or more sessions, a letter of attendance will only be given. A medical certificate is necessary for the two missed sessions.

Your investment needs to be paid and registration received before or by the Deadline Date above to confirm enrolment in the program.

If payment is deposited with your name but without other contact details, you will automatically be put into the next available program. Same conditions apply as with other registered participants.

Address and other course details given on confirmation of registration and fee.

For more information please contact us.

Please read Course Registration Terms and Conditions

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