Welcome to the Tame Your Dragon Anger Management website, where we offer transformative programs to help you manage anger and build a more fulfilling life. Over the years, our courses have positively impacted the lives of more than 4200 individuals.
Understanding and regulating anger is essential as it’s a natural emotion experienced by everyone. Yet, it can often feel complex, having many parts. Your ability to manage these aspects can make the difference between leading a rich and meaningful life or succumbing to destructive consequences like heartache, fractured relationships, family breakdowns, legal issues, or worse.

Our Services

Anger Management Program

Our highly regarded anger management program is designed to assist individuals dealing with anger in various aspects of their lives, whether it’s in the workplace, on the road, at social gatherings, or within extended family dynamics. This program is open to both men and women who seek to gain control over their anger.
A Certificate of Completion is provided upon successful completion of the program.

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Men’s Behaviour Change Program

If you are facing allegations or has expressed abusive behaviour toward a partner, ex-partner, or children, our Men’s Behaviour Change (MBC) program is specifically tailored to address these issues. A Certificate of Completion is provided upon successful completion of the program.

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MenTOR: Men Taking on Responsibility

For those who wish to continue their journey of self-improvement after completing either of the two programs or undergoing at least ten counselling sessions with a focus on relationships and conflicts, MenTOR offers an advanced, ongoing support program.

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Counselling Services

We offer both individual and couple counselling services for people wanting to explore a range of issues which may include relationship breakdown, post separation parenting, anxiety, grief and loss, and work-related matters.

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The difference between Anger Management and Men’s Behaviour Change

Anger Management and Men’s Behaviour Change differ significantly in content and duration:

Anger Management:

This program focuses on understanding and managing the emotion of anger in various life situations outside of the family context including road rage, pub brawls and anger at work. Generally, any anger expressed outside of the family context. This program can be done on a Saturday or over two Tuesday evenings or individually over four sessions.

Men’s Behaviour Change (MBC):

The MBC is a family violence-based program which is exclusively designed to address abusive behaviours directed at current or former partners and children. This program runs for 20 weeks, 2 hours per week, 40 hours in total.

The choice between these programs often depends on the charges and allegations against you. In cases of family violence, the Court is likely to recommend the MBC program.
In some instances, completing both programs can provide the most significant benefit to your personal growth.

Additional Resources

Throughout this website, you’ll find tip sheets, fact sheets and articles to help you gain better control over your anger, should it manifest in other areas of your life.
Success on your journey requires a clear roadmap and your committed action.
We are dedicated to assisting you on your path. We offer guidance, equip you with essential tools and strategies, and support you in handling life’s challenges and frustrations.

Remember, change is possible, but it begins with you taking the first step.
Your transformation begins now.

The secret of getting ahead is getting started
Mark Twain